Can I make a compensation claim from a car accident?

An infographic on who can make a compensation claim due to a traffic accident.

There are only limited circumstances that would stop you from making a compensation claim. You are entitled to make a claim in the following situations:

  • I am a passenger, the driver of the vehicle I was travelling on was at fault
  • I am a driver/passenger, the other driver was at fault and caused the accident
  • I am a driver/passenger, the other driver was drunk and caused the accident
  • I am a pedestrian/cyclist and I was hit by a car
  • The at-fault driver hit and run

However, please bear in mind that you have to seek for lawyer’s advice as there may be special circumstances.

In summary, as long as you meet the below conditions, you are entitled to a claim in Queensland:

  • You had an accident
  • You are not at fault
  • You sustained injuries because of the accident
  • You may or have suffered a loss due to the injuries

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